5 easy ways to cook with xylitol

Xylitol. If you know us you'll know that we're big fans of the stuff. Really big fans. And we don't just like to put it in our mints and gum, we like to cook with it too. So, we're sharing 5 easy ways to cook with our favourite naturally derived sweetener. Don't worry, it's pretty easy to get hold of it in granulated form, just check most good health food shops or even your local supermarket. Our brand of choice is Total Sweet.

1. Bake with it. 

There's no denying it, everybody loves a banana bread. Especially when it's sugar free, and tastes as good as the real thing. Click here for our xylitol chocolate banana bread recipe and let us know how you get on.

2. Dress it up.

Salad dressings are known for being full of the bad stuff, that's why they taste so good. But it doesn't have to be that way. They can taste great and not be full of sugar too. Click here for an epic homemade sugar free Italian dressing.

3. Pop it in your pastry.

Some of the best puddings are made with a delicious layer of sweet pastry underneath, so if you're trying to avoid sugar and still want to eat that slice of Bakewell tart, then here's how to do it. Click here for Total Sweet's low sugar Bake wells.

4. Mix it into those meringues.

Who doesn't love a good Pavlova or Eton Mess. Now you can make them with zero sugar thanks to our friends over at Total Sweet. Click here for their xylitol meringue recipe.

5. Make some great granola.

Granola is usually the number 1 culprit for being full of sugar. If it's not sugar, it's honey, and if it's not honey it's date syrup. And, even though they aren't called sugar, honey and date syrup are still full of the stuff. Why not try using xylitol in your granola instead? Head this way for our zero sugar granola recipe

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