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What is xylitol?

The plant based sweetener that's great for your teeth.

Pronounced zy-lee-tol.

birch trees xylitol

Sourced From Trees & Plants

It might have a freaky name, but xylitol is a sweetener found naturally in trees and plants. The best source is birch and beech trees. It was first discovered in Finland during the early 20th Century when cane sugar was hard to come by, and the dental benefits of this magic ingredient only came to light many years later.

Great for your gnashers

When it comes to your teeth, we like to think of xylitol as the opposite of sugar. Instead of feeding bacteria like sugar does, xylitol kills it by up to 90%, helping to reduce plaque and neutralise acids. It also makes it harder for plaque to stick to teeth in future. Plus xylitol, and of course Peppersmith, is recommended by dentists and approved by the Oral Health Foundation.

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Low Calorie & Low GI

Despite xylitol tasting the same as sugar, it’s low calorie and has a low GI of 7, making it great for diabetics as it won’t spike insulin levels.

If you want to get into the science behind how xylitol works, click here.

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