6 ways to beat fatigue for good

At Peppersmith we’re always on the go, and during the working day we need to feel full of energy and ready to tackle anything that the world of mints and gum throws at us. This has inspired us to put together our top tips for beating the slump and feeling more energised. Having a good nights sleep is really important, so we’ve included a few ideas of how to make sure you get one, and there’s also some nifty little daytime tricks to keep you going too.

Make your bedroom a bedroom

We’re not going to tell you that an uncomfortable bed is the only reason you’re not feeling energised during the day, but having a good quality mattress is a great place to start. Investing in one is definitely worth it, although it can be expensive. If it’s not at the top of your cash priorities then perhaps get yourself a new mattress topper instead. At a fraction of the price they can sort out an uncomfy bed in no time. We recommend a memory foam one – they’re dreamy. Literally.

Keep your bedroom tidy

Having an untidy, busy bedroom can really affect the quality of a night’s sleep. It sounds like such a small thing, but us Peppersmith lot find that a clean and tidy room really helps to calm the mind. Give it a go.

Stay hydrated

We know what you’re thinking – you’ve heard it all before… drink more water. But it’s true, plenty of us wait until we’re really thirsty before we drink a glass of water. It’s really important to keep topped up before we become totally parched. Our bodies need enough fluids to be able to carry out their daily functions, and even mild dehydration can trigger symptoms such as weakness and fatigue. If topping up your water bottle 4 times a day get’s a bit dull then hydrate with herbal teas or even sugar free drinks such as Ugly or Dash.

Don’t sleep next to your electronics

Switch your phone for an analogue alarm clock for your bedside table. Not only will your phone’s buzzing and lights keep you awake in the night, but the electrical waves from our digital devices can effect the brain’s sensitivity without us even realizing. Before bed, try reading an old fashioned book instead of your phone or Ipad, and leave catching up on your favourite episodes of Attenborough for the sofa.

Work out at the right time

It might not always be convenient, but working out first thing in the morning is great for boosting energy. If you don’t have time to go for a run or to the gym early doors and you live within a reasonable distance to your work, think about commuting by bike as a way of sneaking in a morning workout. This will also get your endorphins up, helping to put you in a good mood for the day. Try to steer clear of doing any really intense exercise last thing at night, as the adrenaline will interrupt your sleep. Stick to slower workouts like relaxation yoga or walking before you hit the hay.

Keep an eye on what you’re having for lunch

The 3pm slump is a really common one, but avoiding it could be as simple as changing up what you have for lunch. Certain foods will make certain people feel more sleepy after eating – carbohydrates and sugar often induce a snooze. Whilst slow release carbohydrates such as oats are great after your morning workout, sticking to protein, pulses and veggies for lunch can make you feel more energized in the afternoon.


Changing up your routine a little could have a huge impact on your energy levels. If you’re one for dozing off during the day then give these six tips a go and let us know how you get on. We would love to know if they help you too.

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