A catch up with the founder of B.Fresh

This week we’re doing an Instagram competition with B.Fresh. They make great tasting, lower sugar, cold pressed juices and we’re giving you the chance to win some (along with plenty of Peppersmith too of course). Just click here to enter now via Instagram. We also thought this would be an equally good time to catch up with B.Fresh’s founder Philip to learn more about the brand. Read on to find out more…

We love your veg juices, especially as they are much lower in sugar than lots of other juices out there. What inspired you to start up B.Fresh?

The idea came from when we had a crop of spinach hit by a freak hail storm. The spinach was damaged aesthetically so unacceptable for retail but of course nutritionally it was unchanged. I Googled uses for spinach and came across spinach juice which quickly led me to the fast growing market in the States of Cold Pressed HPP juice. It became clear that we were growing a lot of the produce here and so then we started the B.fresh journey.

We especially love your Get Up & Glow (Carrot apple & ginger juice). How much of the veg product is grown on the farm in Shropshire?

It’s one of my favourites too! We’ve always worked on a known grown, own grown basis so when we don’t grow the produce ourselves we know the farmer that does. In this case the carrots are all grown here in Shropshire, the apples come from Herefordshire but sadly our climate doesn’t work for growing oranges and turmeric so we source those through my fruit importing partner.

What were you doing before you started up B.Fresh?

I’ve been growing wholehead lettuce and salad leaf for over twenty five years now. We supply most of the UK supermarkets with bagged salads, spinach and in the UK season, wholehead lettuce.

What’s B.Fresh’s mission? Where do you see the brand in 10 years’ time? 

The mission is pretty simple. Still not enough people get fruit and vegetables in their diet and so we want to get more fruit and veg in to more people, more easily, whilst treading lightly on the world. We believe in natural ingredients, real food NOT fake, good nutrition and taste to put a smile on your face. I would love to see B.fresh as an established trusted brand in 10 years’ time continuing to push forward through innovation and passion.

We know our Peppersmith fans would love to try your juices, where are they available to buy?

We are listed in WHSmith travel stores, Sainsburys, Ocado and Caffe Nero as well as direct from our own website www.b-fresh.co.uk.

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