How Peppersmith HQ Cheers Up: A Conversation

Literally everyone has had one of those days. You know what we mean—when things just aren’t going so great and you feel a bit cr*p. So it usually means we’ve all got our own self-care routine. The fool-proof method that instantly makes you feel that little bit better. It could be a cup of tea or a chat with a loved one. So, the Peppersmith team sat down and had a quick chat to share the things that make us feel better each time without fail. Here we go:

Ling: Hi guys, so I'm doing a blog on how to pick yourself up when you're feeling a bit blah. Like me for example... When it’s one of those days, what alwaaays makes me feel better is hanging out with my cat and annoy her into cuddling with me. Would love to know what you guys do.
Daniel: For me it's going to the pub for a tasty pint with me ol' mates. Or going for a swim.
Sasha: I go for a nice fast cycle ride. Usually 30 minutes or longer. I find blasting fresh air into the face helps get over any worries. I also find doing a half an hour stretch is good. You don't have to be a yoga pro (I am certainly not). Just a good old stretch on the floor in positions will feel good and, well, stretchy.
Mike: Walk by the river. Water equals peace. It’s kinda magic.
Fraser: It's usually food. Something unhealthy. Music helps a lot as well. I like doing something to help me switch off. So cooking helps too. (L: What do you like to cook?) I like cooking anything with sauces so Italian or Indian food. And if it's the weekend, I'll go and get drunk.
Paul: I listen to happy music. (L: What’s your happy music? Do you have a go-to song or album?) I don't really have a go-to song... Hm. I like Firestone by Kygo. My favourite time is when I’m driving alone in the car and listening to my happy music.

It’s important to know that it’s okay to feel upset and it’s definitely okay to take a step back or need a little help to feel better again. Be gentle with yourself.

Share with us in the comments below your favourite thing to do to cheer yourself up.

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