National Smile Month

Why we’re supporting National Smile Month

Next Monday marks the beginning of National Smile Month – the UK’s biggest campaign to promote good oral health, brought to you by the Oral Health Foundation. This year, we’re getting more involved in the campaign as one of the sponsors, as part of our continuing mission to inspire a healthy teeth revolution.

It’s fairly well known that sugar isn’t very good for teeth, so looking at our attitudes to this not so sweet ingredient seemed like a pretty good place to start. We also wanted to take the opportunity to shout about our favourite tooth-friendly hero – xylitol.

So, we did some research with the Oral Health Foundation and we discovered that over half of people think that sugar-free versions taste inferior to their sugary counterparts. We think it’s about time this changed. We know that plenty of low or no sugar brands taste great and often better than the old sugary ones, but plenty of people are still sceptical. We want to tackle this misconception, so we’ve teamed up with some of our favourite low sugar brands and bloggers to show you that there doesn’t have to be a trade-off between taste and health.

Xylitol baking challenge 

We’ve created four mouth-watering recipes that are actually healthy and good for your teeth, meaning you really can have your cake and eat it. We’ve replaced sugar with that magical naturally derived sweetener that we use in all of our mints and gum – xylitol. We’ve sent the recipes to four of our favourite food bloggers to highlight that xylitol really can work as a sugar substitute. Foodies include Hannah Eats, Happy Skin Kitchen, Good Food Bee, and Emily Savvidou. They will be sharing their creations on Instagram throughout the month and we will be posting the recipes on our blog in the coming weeks. Happy healthy baking people.

Win BIG boxes of low sugar goodies

Joining us for some mega giveaways are a bunch of our favourite sugar-free brands including: Ugly Drinks, Natural Family Company, Dash Drinks and Total Sweet Xylitol, and these awesome low-sugar brands including Hippeas, Coldpress, The Raw Chocolate Company, Oppo and Nut Blend. These guys have all donated lots of their great tasting sugar-free and low sugar products and you lot have got the chance to get your hands on them. To enter, just follow us on Instagram and keep an eye out for our giveaway posts.

Peppersmith office drops

We know that it’s hard to keep up healthy snacking in the office. Especially when there are birthdays every week and cake is on offer. To help you guys kick start your low-sugar journey, we will be giving 5 offices the chance to win a supply of Peppersmith mints and gum. If you and your colleagues like the sound of this then head to our Facebook Page on the 17th of May, give us a follow and be sure to share the competition photo for a chance to win.

We’re super excited about everything to come during National Smile Month, and fingers crossed it will help spread a little more sugar-free love too. We hope you’re looking forward to getting involved, don’t forget to use the hashtags #haveyourcakeandeatit #nationalsmilemonth and #smilepeppersmith if you give the baking challenge a go.

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