Why the big changes? We reveal all about our new plastic free look

It's a big day here at Peppersmith HQ. Today, on the 15th of May 2019 we have launched our brand new plastic free packaging. Cue, brass band, fanfare, clapping sounds. We also have a completely updated look which we can't wait for you to see in person. We know, you loved the old look and we know you may be wondering why we have changed it, so to explain all, we interviewed Mike (founder) and Sasha (Marketing Boss). Here's what they said...

What are you wanting to convey with the new branding? What does it stand for?

Our branding still stands for our 3 brand pillars, health, taste and sustainability, but we wanted to bring the packs up to date with a bright and contemporary look whilst retaining a natural feel. Our old packs were classic, but were starting to feel a bit tired. The huge movement towards healthier lifestyles means we needed a design that better shouted out how we can help. (SH)

What inspired/motivated you to make the change?

We started dabbling with the existing designs by adding some more personality using extra assets but we found that was hard to do without changing the whole look and feel all together. Just changing a few tweaks here and there wasn’t really going to do the job so we knew a major change was needed. (SH)

Moustache, it's gone?

Yes, we know, it's sad. We love the Peppersmith leaves/moustache but it did not fit with the new designs. You may see it again one day but for now we have been bold and given it a holiday (Morecombe). (MS)

Why less of a retro look?

Our mints and gum are modern confectionery, having branding which looks a bit old fashioned didn’t fit. We wanted to bring the branding up to date to match what’s on the inside of the packs. (SH)

I see the plastic film is gone?

Yes, hooray. This has taken us a long time to get right but at last we’ve managed to make a tamperproof cardboard box without a plastic wrap. This is something we have wanted for a long time and to be able to share it with the world makes us really excited. One step further to making sure our mints and gum are the most sustainable around. (SH)

Plastic free packaging Peppersmith

How is your packaging and branding different to your competition?

The big difference, it’s fully recyclable and plastic free. You may not know this but generic chewing gum packaging (the vacuum packed stuff) is made from wax paper so is not recyclable. Plus a lot of mints come in plastic boxes or tins. We love the look of tins but sadly metal is much more carbon intensive to make than card so we chose the latter. We also insist on using FSC card which differentiates us even more. The FSC (forest stewardship council) ensure the card is sustainable by replanting trees and creating wildlife safe areas. This costs us a bit more but we think it’s worth it. You can read more about our packaging and the FSC here. (MS)

When will we be able to see it?

If you head to our webshop and place an order you’ll get the new packaging to your door in a few days. Exciting stuff. If you want to see it in the shops it’ll be starting to hit the shelves anytime from now really. Look out for brighter, bolder packs. You won’t miss them. (SH)

Are you happy with how it turned out?

We’re really happy with it. It’s pretty tricky working with a tiny pack but luckily we have our awesome cases to play with as well which is good. We hope you like it too. (MS)

Peppersmith new look

How long did it take?

Too long but is been a labour of love. In terms of the plastic aspect, this has been a long work in progress. The concept was to have plastic free, recyclable packs that are tamperproof and don’t pop open in your bag, but this is much harder than you might think. We went through various prototypes of different perforated seals on the little packs, but it turns out the machine we use to pack our products is quite complicated and buying a whole new packing machine wasn’t an option. We eventually, que trumpets, came up with a tamperproof plastic free solution that works. From start to finish this has taken about a year. (SH)

Are you sure this is what your consumers want?

Yes. We asked our webshop customer base (about 5000 people) what they really wanted to see from the new packaging. When asked to choose between a fully resealable pack, or a plastic covered pack and an overwhelming 80% chose to have the plastic removed. We already knew it was the move we wanted to make, but these results just reinforced that we were doing the right thing. (SH)

Apart from the packaging, what else have you changed?

Nothing, nada, nowt. The look and feel and the removal of plastic is all we’ve changed. The flavours and ingredients of our mints and gum inside the boxes is still exactly the same. Remember, it’s what’s on the inside that counts. (MS)

What's next for the brand?

Well, soon we will be phasing out our larger pouch packs of gum simply because the packaging is not sustainable. This is part of our wider commitment to look after planet earth. Instead, we will be launching new larger multi-packs later in the year which will be made from FSC recyclable card or from biodegradable plant based materials. We are also working on removing any other plastic packaging in our transit processes. (MS)

Describe the new look in 3 words

Bold. Eye catching. Contemporary. (SH)

Brighter, Better, Bolder. (MS)

Peppersmith new plastic free

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