Peppersmith HQ's favourite accidentally vegan items

We all know swapping to a plant based diet can be good for the planet. But where to start? Tofu burgers? Oat milk lattes? Did you know there are tons of things out there that you never knew are actually vegan? Or what the vegan community terms ‘accidentally vegan’. AKA things that weren’t created with the purpose to be targeted at vegans but are purely by happy accident. No complaints here.

Read on for a list of Peppersmith HQ's favourite 'accidentally vegan' products you can find right here in the UK. Some you never would have expected.


Having delicious foods and snacks is an important part of any accessible diet. If you think vegan options are all celery sticks and carrots, think again. 

Tyrrells Crisps

Some of the office's favourite vegan flavours include Lightly Sea Salted, Sweet Chilli and English Barbecue.


Propercorn's Peanut & Almond, Lightly Sea Salted, Fiery Worcester sauce and Sweet & Salty are all vegan friendly.


Their Raw Choc Brownies are the office's guilty pleasures. Plus they contain our favourite ingredient xylitol so it's a win win.

Sriracha Hot Chilli Sauce

One of the yummiest condiments around. It elevates any food it touches to a whole other flavour. Also, vegan. Hooray.


We know, we know. You either love it or hate it. There's just no in-between. Either way, marmite's vegan.


Veganism doesn't just stop at what you eat. It's what you put on your face, your body and your hair as well. Lucky for us, more and more companies are jumping on the bandwagon. It's never been easier to find toiletries free of animal derivatives. 


This line of straightforward skincare options targeted at men is free of animal products. What's more, they recently replaced their plastic tubes with sugarcane plastics in a bid to become more sustainable. *fist bump*

Yes to

Another affordable, innovative skincare brand you can find in your local drugstore that is mostly vegan. 


The OG. Everyone and their mums have heard of Batiste dry shampoo. But did you know it's free of animal products? Now you do.


This brand isn't naughty at all - in fact, they're registered with The Vegetarian Society and The Vegan Society so customers can rest assure the products are 100% vegan.

Superdrug B.

Superdrug's own line of affordable skincare and cosmetics will satisfy all your vegan beauty needs.

e.l.f cosmetics

Known for their low cost, high quality makeup, their entire range will keep you looking your best self without the need for animal products.


Vegan fashion doesn't mean we got to compromise on our style. Here are some stylish yet vegan friendly options the next time you're looking for new kicks.


Most of the Vans Classic Collection are available vegan-friendly styles. Furthermore, they use a variety of responsibly sourced, sustainable materials to make their shoes.


One of the most iconic footwear brand. While not 100% vegan, Converse has tons of vegan friendly styles.


Instead of just creating a plastic shoe and calling it vegan, Veja's new line of sneakers is plant based and fully biodegradable.


There you have it. A list of accidentally vegan options to kick start your journey. Let’s not forget all the other amazing companies that are exclusively and deliberately vegan (like Peppersmith *wink*). Being vegan doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice all the amazing food, clothes and things you used to enjoy. And as this list demonstrates, many brands that you’ve been purchasing all along might be vegan.

Comment below your favourite accidentally vegan products.

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