Sustainability at Peppersmith HQ

One of our values at Peppersmith is ‘do the right thing’. This means we want to do the right thing for you guys, the people we work with and last but definitely not least, this lovely planet that we all call home. So, what does this mean in practice?

What you see

Making sustainable choices

Firstly, we wanted to give you an update on removing the plastic wrap on our 15g boxes since a few of you have been asking us. To give some context, the reason we have this film on our boxes is for tamper evidence, which we still need to have. We also need it to stop our mints and gum becoming contaminated whilst they are on their way to you. Because of this, it’s not as simple as just removing the film. Instead, we have to find an alternative way to ensure it’s clear that the packs have not been opened before you buy them.

Our packaging team have been hard at work and it looks like we have now found a possible solution to this. It would involve a cardboard perforation on the lid of the pack where you open, which would avoid any need to have a plastic wrap around the packs. This is now being tested in our machines to see if it all works as it should. We hope to have more news on this soon.

Save the trees

Our mints and gum come in cardboard boxes for a very good reason, they’re light and they’re easy to recycle: both big positives when it comes to sustainability. The cardboard that we use to make them is always from sources approved by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), that way we know that the forests are being managed in a sustainable way. The same goes for the letterbox friendly boxes that our webshop orders are sent in, and in fact, for any other cardboard that we use.

Peppersmith sustainable packaging

What goes on behind the scenes

Paper free is the best way to be

We try our very best to avoid having print outs whenever possible. This includes going paper free for most meetings and we only print when absolutely necessary. When we do print, it’s only on FSC approved, recycled paper.

Getting from A to B

The Peppersmith team get around by public transport or bike whenever we can. Our office is based in London so we are lucky that this is easy to do. Cycling is the most popular option amongst the team, not only helping the planet but also our health too. We also avoid driving to meetings and 90% of the time we’re able to use the train.

Use and reuse

If we ever get coffees to take away, it’s a no to single use ones and a big yes to our Keepcups. We’ve even chosen our own colours so there’s no fighting over whose is whose. At lunchtime, Tupperware leftovers and in season veggie meals are strongly encouraged where possible, and it’s a big no to single use plastic bottles.

Keepcup sustainable tips

If you want to learn more about being a green guru, take a look at our blog post on 6 tips to live a more sustainable life.

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