Time for some YOU time

Mental Health - just like physical health - everyone has it, except perhaps because you can’t see it – it can be a lot harder to understand, acknowledge or even quantify than the physical. Some of us are better at looking after it and understanding it than others. But, it’s always there for everyone… whether consciously or not.

Ahead of World Mental Health Day on 10th October - a day all about raising awareness of mental health and driving positivity to support everyone’s mental health - we’ve been chatting about it at Peppersmith HQ; sharing what brings us joy, things we do to help support our own Mental Health as well as some top tips too.… And the team came up trumps with some absolute gems!

So, to help spread the love and in support of raising further awareness this World Mental Health Day, we thought we’d share some of them with you all. 🤍


🤍 Make time to laugh, that could be with friends and family, watching your favourite comedy, or some silly TikTok reels, it’s all good for the soul!

🤍 Eat well (of course we’re going to say this one!) - this doesn’t mean to totally avoid the nasties - just be conscious of what you’re putting into your body…. We’re all about the 5 a day. 🍊

🤍 Squeezing your pet as hard as you can (without killing them).

🤍 Take time out to be you – sometimes you just need some time on your own to take time out, reflect and recharge.

🤍 My happy place is in front of fire... Whether a bonfire, BBQ or log fire in the house.

🤍 I love to get up and out for early beach walks and breathe in that fresh sea air.

🤍 Take time to read – it can help with communication, help you grow and can also help get you in a more positive state of mind if you’re in need of a little boost.

🤍 Being screen-free for at least an hour before bedtime.

🤍 Exercise, socialising and caring for others.

🤍 Meditation helps gain sense of perspective, develop the inner calm and create laser focus when needed.

🤍 Regular exercise, preferably outdoors - green space exposure has been proven to make the brain happy.

🤍 Movement every day – whether just for 15 minutes or a whole 5km run – can help the mind based on endorphins, circulation and anti-inflammatory benefits.

🤍 I love to listen to something that puts me in a positive state of mind. Audio books, podcasts or uplifting music – depending on how I am feeling. It can really help.

🤍 Maintain a good work life balance – sometimes it is easier said than done but by talking about it especially at work can help you and help everyone around you too.

🤍 Do something every day which causes some adversity. The easiest shortcut to this is a cold shower, channelling your inner Wim Hof 🥶 – it boosts your blood flow, can help to get rid of toxins, reduce inflammation and most importantly – it can be a real mood booster!

🤍 Make a note of when you don’t feel 100% and understand the potential triggers. You might not be able to avoid it, but you can learn/identify patterns to recognise it earlier.

🤍 Make a list of all the things and people you're grateful for can be very calming and great for perspective.

🤍 Having meaningful conversations with friends and loved ones.

🤍 Sleep!


See. We told you they were good…  😊

Which do you relate to most – and what do you like to do to help you feel more you?

We’re going keep these conversations going and try to keep that self-care love at the top of our daily to do lists 👌
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