6 ways to start your eco-warrior journey

At Peppersmith we try to do our bit to protect the environment wherever we can. From using recycled paper, to cycling to work, to refusing the straw in that after work drink, being eco-friendly is at the core of our team. While we’re by no means perfect when it comes to all things green, we wanted to share some of our top tips to help us all become little eco-warriors. It’s easier than you think, we promise.

1. Change your eating habits

Pick up breakfast on-the-go? Grab your lunch from a shop in between meetings? We all do it, but just think about all the packaging that gets used from our daily Pret habit. Instead, try using a Tupperware for a homemade lunch, plus carrying a reusable spork (spoon fork combination); both of which will drastically reduce your weekly packaging waste. Even if you can’t do this every day, it all adds up.

Secondly, don’t forget to compost your food waste at home. Ask your local council for a mini food waste bin – they hardly take up any room and it’s a great planet friendly way of getting rid of things like egg shells, old coffee granules and banana skins.

Thirdly, eat more plants. Try swapping out two meaty meals a week for vegetarian or vegan ones. Then the money you’ve saved for those meals can be spent buying better quality, free range or organic meat for the carnivorous meals you do eat. Yum.

2. Refill and reuse 

For an easy green switch, just swap your regular household cleaning products to a more eco-friendly option like Ecover. As well as being miles better for the planet, Ecover also has large refill stations at a lot of health food shops (see photo below). Just buy a bottle of their planet-friendly products, use it up, then refill it at your nearest Ecover stockist as many times as you like. It’s also cheaper than buying a brand new bottle. You can search for your nearest stockist here. Easy.

Plus, don’t forget to switch your washing machine to 30. It’s such an easy swap which is better for both the environment and your energy bill at the end of the month.

3. Go green at shower time

Did you know that even your morning shower could be harming the environment? Many of the cleansing products we use everyday contain chemicals and thousands of micro beads that go down the plughole, through our water systems and into the sea. The sea which is home to millions of amazing creatures. Not cool. (If you want to learn more about how micro beads harm the environment, click here).

There are, however, some great natural skin care brands out there. Not only are they more planet-friendly, but they’re even better for your skin too. Some of our favourite brands include Ren, Optiat and Liz Earle but they are on the more expensive side. If you’re looking to make the switch to natural, check out Big Green Smile – they have lots of brands to choose from and many are really affordable.  We also love this reusable makeup cleansing cloth. Get one now and be prepared never to buy pack of disposable face wipes again.

4. Switch up your supermarket routine

If you don’t need the 5p plastic bags to carry your shopping home, then you certainly don’t need the single use polythene bags to separate your vegetables on your supermarket visit. They aren’t recyclable and they just aren’t necessary. Why not try taking an extra cotton bag on your next supermarket shop just for those loose fruits and veggies.

If you buy your lentils, beans and pulses in tins, then think about buying them dried in packets instead. They go much further and all you have to do is soak them over night. Not only do you get much more for your money, but you’ll be drastically reducing your amount of packaging waste too.

5. Remember to recycle your bathroom waste

The average person uses 104 rolls of toilet paper a year. Times that by the 65 million people in the UK and that’s a lot of toilet roll. But what happens to the inner cardboard cylinders of those rolls? Instead of popping them in your bathroom bin, remember to take them out to your recycling when you’re done with them (along with your empty shampoo and shower gel bottles too of course).

6. Switch to a green energy tariff 

This really is one of the best things you can do to help preserve our planet. Most standard energy providers will have a green tariff option, but we like these green only companies best… Ovo, Good Energy and Ecotricity. Browse the options, get a quote and switch your tariff. It won’t take long, honest.

We hope our tips have made you one step closer to becoming a green guru. If you want any more inspiration we love what the guys over at Do Nation are doing. Click here to see what else you can do to make the world a better place, and to keep our country looking like this for years to come.

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