Beat the sweet: Our favourite sugar swaps

If you’re a regular reader of our blog then you’ll probably know that we’re pretty into the sugar free life, and not just when it comes to mints and gum. The whole team here love a good xylitol recipe, but we also love to find other brands who are trying to cut out the sugar too. Traditionally things like fizzy drinks and condiments contain lots of sugar, so here are our favourite simple swaps to help you cut down on the sweet stuff. And trust us, you won’t be losing out on flavour.

Thirst Quenchers

Dash water and Ugly drinks top the sparkling drinks chart for us. Both equally refreshing and fruity with absolutely no sugar.



Jams and Spreads

We can’t get enough of The Jam Goddess and Jim Jams spreads. Both with considerably less sugar and no artificial sweeteners these guys are great on toast, with porridge, or just with a spoon.



On-the-go Snacking

For low sugar snack bars look now further than Pulsin and Adonis. Pulsin’s orange choc chip bar tastes just like chocolate cookie dough. Yes you heard it, and it’s super low in sugar since it’s sweetened with xylitol instead – what’s not to love. The Adonis low sugar range contains a tiny 2g of total sugar per bar, but they are still sure to keep you going through that 3pm slump.



Ketchup and Condiments

Traditionally ketchup and condiments are bad offenders when it comes to sugar. Dr Wills are all about the natural wholesome alternative to regular ketchup, plus they have 50% less sugar than your average brand. Real Good Ketchup are all about the no added sugar, and instead they sweeten their condiments with xylitol, our favourite plant based sweetener. All boxes ticked here.



Sugar Alternatives

Lastly we give you our two favourite alternatives to the sweet stuff itself. Our friends over at Total Sweet have got pure granulated xylitol which is perfect to use in baking, or to sweeten your tea & coffee. Or, if you prefer Stevia as a sweetener then you could try Natvia, the naturally derived combination of Erythritol and Steviol Glycosides.

If you want to learn more about our views on sugar and sweeteners you can head over to our guide to going sugar free.

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