Change Is Good

One thing in life is certain, change…and taxes. Here at Peppersmith we use customer feedback as our north star for making big decisions. Recently, we’ve done just that. You may have spotted our Eucalyptus and Peppermint mints have switched to ‘Extra Strong’, our gum is now available in a large pouch, and a real big one, the new design of our pocket packs. There it is, solid proof how wonderful change is but at the same time we know it can also be scary. Here are some surprising facts about change you probably didn’t know…

It’s Evolutionary

That’s right, our general fear of change has been written in our genes for millions of years as a mechanism for survival. You live in the 21st century but part of your brain still lives in prehistoric times. An unknown environment most often brings threats to you and your life. Certainty brings higher probability of safety and survival, simply because you know what you’re dealing with.

Change Is Happening At This Very Moment

    ­Disturbing fact: did you know that you get a new stomach lining every three to four days? If you didn’t, the strong acids your stomach uses to digest food would also digest your stomach. Find out more unusual facts about the human body here

If You Want To Change Take Baby Steps

Although it feels daunting, change usually means improvement. We all have things in our lives we’d like to improve- finances, job, house and we all know nothing will improve by itself. Best way to overcome fear of change is to take baby steps. Seek, what Psychologist Fogg calls, “tiny successes”, one after another. Taken that dreaded trip to the dentist? You deserve a pat on the back. Had fruit instead of cake? Go wild on cheat day. Remember: Celebrate, and do so often.

Our New Packaging


Our decision to alter the design of our pocket packs was a big one for us, but we think it’s an improvement. Here are some how’s and why’s:

Our products are known for being sugar-free, aspartame-free and natural but we also wanted the dental benefits to be clearer. To do this, we’ve made icons such as ‘100% xylitol’ and ‘Oral Health Foundation approved’ more visible. We have also put the word ‘dental’ on all our products (gum, mints and pastilles) to make the health benefits clear.

We now have brighter, bolder colours. This is so they pop out to you on the shelf. It’s also there to help you distinguish the different flavours easily.  Check out our flavours here

Final Thoughts

Change can be daunting and sometimes scary but more often than not it’s worth the effort. Are you embracing change? Less us know what you think of our new packaging in the comments below.

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