We Give To You, Pepper

So…you may or may not have spotted our latest project, Pepper. It’s something we’ve been working on for some time and with a big and happy sigh of relief we’re releasing it into the wild.

What is Pepper?

We believe taking care of your teeth should be a pleasure not a chore – we call it, style and substance.  Some months ago we set out to create something celebrating this and ‘Pepper’, a lifestyle journal, is the result.  The first issue of Pepper champions women across different sectors doing great things, in a way we admire. We hope this is the first issue in a series of Pepper journals, and we’ve already got a few ideas. While Issue 01 focuses on women of style and substance, we’ll be exploring doing something similar for men too – so to all you guys out there, there’s no need to feel left out.

Why Did We Create Pepper?

We created Pepper as part of our mission to inspire a healthy teeth revolution. We’re passionate about making people aware that it takes more than brushing to look after your teeth, and how Peppersmith can fit into your daily dental routine to keep your teeth healthy. However, we know that not everyone wants to talk about teeth all the time, and that’s okay. So we thought we’d create something that was bigger than healthy teeth; something that was about a healthy lifestyle: mind, body, soul…and teeth. We also wanted to create something of longevity, that we would all be proud to have on our coffee table at home; something interesting, inspiring and innovative. We’ll leave it to you to tell us whether we have succeeded…

What’s inside?

Inside Pepper you’ll find features on health, fitness, fashion, design and music, plus interviews with Emily Blunt, The Collyer Twins, Jody Shield and Serena Guen. Alongside these features and Q&As, Pepper puts the spotlight on dental health, with a feature on xylitol and advice from our resident hygienist Joss Harding on how to maintain great dental health on the go.

Where Can I find a copy?

You can find a digital copy of Pepper here. Copies will also be available in selected partners such as Boom Cycle, Lomax, Frame and Core Collective over the coming weeks. For more information follow us on Instagram for all things Pepper. Fancy a hard copy? Email hello@peppersmith.co.uk and we’ll send one out to you.

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