Five Tips For Staying Healthy On a Budget

Feeling fit and healthy is the best. You’re filled with energy, confidence and a smidgen of smugness. That being said, as the months get colder are you finding it harder to attend that spin class? Does chocolate easily out win a fruit smoothie? We understand, it’s the curse of cold weather. Staying healthy may sometimes feel tiring and often expensive but it can also be fun and affordable. So, to pre-empt you for the ever consuming party season, we’ve compiled some nifty tips for feeling your best on a skinny budget.

Cook Once, Eat Twice
Save time by bringing in dinner for lunch. Food bought out can be expensive and often unhealthy. Alternatively, you could save money and be healthier by cooking with fresh ingredients. For meal prep inspiration we’re big fans of The Body Coach (@thebodycoach).


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Get ‘appy
Fitness apps are the modern and penny conscious person’s very own gym trainer. A favourite is the Fitbit app where the aim is to reach a minimum of 10,000 steps each day. This number isn’t completely random, the NHS backs it as a benchmark for improving health and reducing the risk of heart disease. Word of warning: It is addictive; I’ve walked circles around my bedroom to boost step count. Alternatively, if you’re after a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) session then we recommend checking out Tashi Skervin and Chessie King for tips and circuit demos on Instagram. Quick, free and effective.

Join a sports team
Participating in a sports team could hugely benefit your fitness, skills and social life. It may cost you a small fee but to compare this to a standard gym class or membership, then this could save you at least twenty pounds a month.

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Cycle to work
Cycling to work is not only free, it’s also a big thumbs up for your health. Cycling improves aerobic fitness, lowers blood pressure, boosts energy, builds muscle and improves coordination. It also advances your mood and sleep quality. Just think, you’ll be the happiest person in the office (with very toned legs).

Prevent, Don’t Treat
Public Health are advocates of this stating prevention techniques could significantly reduce foreseeable health problems. To us, prevention means regular exercise, check-ups, eating well and effective dental care. We know that being busy means nailing down a healthy routine might be challenging. Our dental mints can help. Peppersmith’s 100% xylitol mints and gum help prevent the acid attacks and bacteria that cause tooth cavities before they begin. Ultimately, preventing problems could save time, looming costs and illness.

Final thoughts…
Making small, simple and low-cost changes can make all the difference. For more on health, lifestyle and webshop offers follow us on Instagram @peppersmithuk.

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