Honey, I blew Up the Pack

They say the best things come in small packages. Like Tiffany boxes and Danny DeVito. But right now, we think great things come in large packages…

For a long time you’ve been asking us for better value, larger packs and we’ve been doing a lot of work behind the scenes to make it happen. So we’re very excited to say our new large packs of gum have finally landed.

The new packs each contain a week’s worth of xylitol and will be a better value way of hitting the recommended 5g of xylitol a day than our little pocket packs.

The best bit is that the packs can be properly resealed, meaning you won’t end up with a collection of loose gum kicking around in the bottom of your bag getting damp and dusty.

It’s also been nice to have a massive space to shout about the dental benefits and you’ll start to see this snazzy new design filter into our pocket packs throughout the year.

So, why do you actually need a bigger pack? Well, in the same way you brush your teeth every day, so too you need to use our mints or gum every day to get all the dental benefits. Contrary to what we’ve had instilled in us for yonks, morning and evening routines are not enough to keep teeth healthy because most damage happens during the day when sugars in food and drink feed the bacteria in our mouths causing plaque and producing acids.

To reduce this bacteria and prevent dental health problems from starting in the first place, dentists recommend you have 5g xylitol per day. That’s 5 pieces of gum or 10 mints and until now, we’ve been selling little pocket packs which contain just over 2 days’ worth of xylitol.  We know you don’t buy 2 days’ worth of toothpaste, so why should we expect you to buy two days’ worth of Peppersmith? Our bigger packs are a much better value way to make Peppersmith part of your daily routine so if you’re not already into the habit – now’s the perfect time to start.

You’ll start to see them filtering into shops in the next few months but for now you can buy them on our webshop here.

p.s. We’re also going to be making bigger mint boxes – more on that soon…

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