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The Making of The Peppersmith Video

Roll out the red carpet, whack on your gladrags, and find a hot date to canoodle with on the back row – the Peppersmith video is finally here. It might not win any Oscars but we hope it helps people understand what happens to your teeth when you eat and why Peppersmith should be part of your daily routine.

We worked on it with a super little agency in Norfolk called Curveball. Here are some snaps from Gracie’s trip to their studio…


Lauren’s explaining the script but all Gracie can think is “I’m not wild about sharks, and what on earth is on that plate?


With the practice script recording nailed, Lauren thought it was time to bring out her best Rihanna impression.


Gracie can you face the wrong way? Then it will look like a heartfelt One Direction video


Jack Spielberg is about to render the CGI T. Rex / Baguette onto the screen.


Poor fella was also clean shaven when he started…

 Thanks to the team at Curveball for all their hard work and patience while we ummed and arred over minute details.  We hope you enjoy the full video here…

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