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Minty Just Got Mighty: Introducing our new Mighty Boxes

We usually say the best things come in small packages, like engagement rings or new-born babies. But right now, we’re all about BIG packs, so drum roll please as we introduce our Mighty Boxes.

First and foremost, these boxes are a replacement of our old 50g gum pouches. Plus, we’ve also added a 60g box of our Peppermint Mints because, well, we just fancied it really.


If you’re reading this, it’s pretty likely that you’re a Peppersmith fan, and we wanted to give our nearest and dearest more bang for their buck, more mints and gum for less money. It’s as simple as that. The new packs of gum contain a week’s worth of xylitol and the new packs of mints contain even more. So these will be a great way of hitting the recommended 5g of xylitol a day while saving you some pennies too.

The 60g Peppermint Mint Mighty Boxes will be £3.25 per pack on our webshop.
The 50g Chewing Gum Mighty Boxes will be £2.75 per pack on our webshop.


We know you might be thinking that we already had a bigger, better value solution to our little boxes, but in reality the packaging was just not good enough for us.

You’ll be glad to know that our new Mighty Boxes are made from PEFC and FSC approved cardboard and are 100% recyclable with your local household recycling. They also have a little reseal tab so that you can keep the box shut again (handy to stop your friends, children, aunties, uncles or any other squirrels pinching them).


Even more good news, if you order 6 or less of these Mighty Boxes from our webshop, they will be delivered to your door in a box which will fit perfectly through your letterbox. You won’t even have to wait in for your delivery. Bonus. Click here to shop now.

 Peppersmith new mighty boxes

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