Taste Good. Do Good.

Whatever your plans this summer – here’s 5 refreshingly good reasons to add Peppersmith mints, gum and pastilles to your every day.

Spoiler alert… Peppersmith is always a good choice 😉


1 – Proper British Mint 🌿

Ever since day one, we’ve worked with a beautiful little farm in Hampshire to ensure the best of the best peppermint and spearmint oils are in every pack of Peppersmith mints and gum. Giving maximum flavour and natural refreshment.

Grown across fields where wildlife runs free and wild flowers bloom – the mint leaves are harvested every summer and distilled to extract the delicious oil from the leaves. The oils have to be stored in barrels for two years before being ready to use in our mints and gum. It’s a carefully considered process with a lot of love and years of expertise and experience going into it along the way too. It might take a long time from leaves in a mint field to mints in a Peppersmith pocket pack, but we think it’s worth the wait. The proper good stuff.


2 – Sugar Free + 100% Plant Based Xylitol 🌱

We don’t use sugar, chemical nasties or artificial sweeteners here folks. Instead we opt for something super tasty and actively good for you too called Xylitol - ‘zy-lee-tol’. But what is it, we hear you say!?

Xylitol is a plant based sweetener which has less calories than sugar, tastes delicious and is totally natural. We sustainably source ours from oats; the oats themselves get whisked off to become delicious cakes and baked goods - while the Xylitol is extracted from the hulls by some very clever humans. And due to magical manufacturing and purification processes the Xylitol is officially gluten free* too.  Pretty neat, right?

We know it’s not the most familiar (or easy to pronounce!) word in the world, but we’re trying to spread the love and awareness for Xylitol, as it is quite the unsung hero.


3 – Oral Health Benefits – Approved By Dentists 👌

Not only does Xylitol taste awesome, it also works some pretty mega magic when you eat it too. Alongside the known benefits of chewing gum after meals and snacks, the Xylitol in our products actively reduces the amount of bacteria in your mouth, helping to promote good oral health by reducing the risk of cavities and gum disease. And it freshens your breath too. Talk about a secret weapon. The perfect pocket friendly treat all the family can enjoy.


4 – Recyclable

We know we’re not perfect and are always looking at ways we can further improve, for people and for the planet too. Alongside the consideration that goes into the thoughtfully sourced ingredients in our products, we care about what’s on the outside too. We’re proud that the card we use for all our packs of Peppersmith is FSC approved and recyclable – and even better, the ink we use is 100% biodegradable too.


5 – Refreshing Tasty, Natural Flavours 🍋

From the natural mint leaves which produce the peppermint and spearmint oil in our mints and gum through to the eucalyptus that gives our extra strong mints their oomph; the zesty Sicilian lemons and proper juicy strawberries with a sprinkling of vanilla that goes into our fruity flavour. All our Peppersmith products are bursting with deliciously natural flavours.

What makes Peppersmith special?




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*According to EC828/2014

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