To Floss or Not To Floss?

It’s a question dentists are often asked – do I really need to floss every day?  For years the answer has been a definite yes, however, recent debate has sparked questions over whether flossing really is the key to reducing plaque.

At Peppersmith we believe any debate that gets us all thinking about our dental health is an important one.  Here are our thoughts on the flossing question, to help you see what is right for you:

  • Flossing has been recommended as a way of reducing plaque for many years, but it is just that – a guideline. The key to achieving great dental health is following advice that is specific to your teeth, given to you from a professional dentist and/or hygienist.  If you’re unsure what is right for you, pop into your local dental surgery who will be able to help.
  • We are the first to say that it takes more than brushing to look after your teeth, however this doesn’t necessarily mean flossing is the answer. The British Dental Association said that: ‘Small inter-dental brushes are best for cleaning the area in between the teeth, where there is space to do so.’  Consider using interdental brushes to clean between teeth instead of floss; they do the same job and you may find brushes easier to use.
  • Some experts even say flossing can cause damage, not just prevent it. Flossing can be tricky, and when done improperly it can damage teeth and gums.  If you do choose to floss, take care when you do it and seek advice from a dentist if it is causing any pain.
  • Whether or not you decide flossing is right for you, there are other ways you can prevent damage before it strikes.  Have you thought about how to protect your teeth throughout the day, after you eat or drink? Try 100% xylitol mints and gum, such as Peppersmith, which are proven to reduce harmful bacteria in the mouth which prevents plaque from forming and hence less need to floss in the first place.  You can find out more about how Peppersmith can reduce plaque by watching our video.

At Peppersmith we are certainly not anti-flossing, lots of dentists and hygienists recommend it and so long as you’re not causing yourself any damage in the process it is a good way to reduce plaque. If you are not convinced or just don’t get on with a flossing routine, the good news is there are other things you can do to keep your gnashers in great nick.

What are your thoughts on flossing?  Let us know by commenting below or saying hello on Twitter @PeppersmithUK.

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