The Science of Smiling

Everyone smiles. Everyone can recognise a smile. It’s one of the few facial expressions and gestures that’s universally recognised as positive. It can show happiness, excitement, even a little embarrassment sometimes.  We might even fake a smile every now and again. But what’s really going on when we smile?

Way back, Darwin found that smiling was one of the most natural things in the wold for people; babies who were born blind still smiled when they were happy. He figured that this outward display of happiness was a way for us to connect with other people and, because we often subconsciously copy the expressions and gestures of others, smiling is often contagious.

It Works Both Ways

More recently researchers have found that we don’t just smile when we’re happy, but by smiling more we can make ourselves feel happier. It’s all to do with how your brain works.

You can trick your brain into keeping you happy by smiling!

When you’re happy your brain releases chemicals like endorphins, dopamine and serotonin as it sends the signal to your muscles to make you smile. Similarly, these same chemicals are often released when you consciously make an effort to smile, even without the happy trigger. These chemicals help you relax and lift your mood, therefore making you feel happier just because you smiled!

People Love A Good Smile

Studies have found that people who smile more are often perceived as more attractive, more reliable, and more trustworthy. That’s because when we see a smile the reward-centers in our brains are activated, making us feel good. You smile, people associate you with feeling good, they like you more.

That means if you want to impress your date, your boss, or even just get a colleague to do you a favour, you’ll be increasing your chances if you flash them your winning smile.

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Know any other cool facts about smiles? Just let us know in the comments!

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