Merry vegmas: The Christmas Menu

On Christmas Day in Britain this year, 1 in 5 households will cook a meat-free option. In everyday life, being veggie or vegan is considered pretty easy these days, but this isn't everyday life, this is Christmas. And making a traditional Christmas dinner without the Turkey can feel like going up the creek without a paddle. So, we've curated a veggie and vegan friendly Christmas menu that is still totally festive. Merry 'Vegmas' everybody.


Whip up a beetroot and blood orange smoothie in just 10 minutes from Hemsley and Hemsley. This healthy blend of seasonal fruit and veg is the perfect start to a Christmas morning. They've even managed to throw an avocado into the mix.


Have a go at baking this delicious Christmas bread wreath with pesto from veggie blog Quite Good Food. It even shows you step-by-step in pictures.

christmas wreath bread vegan


Bring a little French flavour to your Christmas morning with these chocolate hazelnut croissants. Yes, they are totally vegan and no, you don't have to make your own pastry. Vegmas just got easier.


If you are at all familiar with David Mitchell and Robert Webb's Peep Show, you will know that cauliflower is in fact a traditional Christmas dish. Try this whole roasted cauliflower recipe from none other than Jamie Oliver.


In our eyes, pigs in blankets are hands down the best part of Christmas, and now we can even make vegan friendly ones. Take a look at Natalie Tamara's vegan pigs in blankets.


Did you know? Traditionally, mince pies hold special powers and you should make a wish before biting into your first one of the season? Well, someone must've wished for vegan mince pies because low and behold, BBC goodfood have got you covered.

Or, if you're feeling really lazy and want a whole menu planned out for you in one place... try this Green Christmas menu from Green Kitchen Stories. Careful though, this one's only veggie friendly, not vegan.

green kitchen stories

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