We’re changing our prices

Ouch. From the 1st August 2017, we will be making some increases to the prices across all our products on our webshop. We always want to be transparent, so we hope this post will help to explain why we’ve had to take this step, and exactly what is changing. This is the first price increase we’ve ever put through and while we understand it may be disappointing, we hope you’ll understand the reasons behind it.

Why are we putting up our prices?

Essentially, the ingredients and packaging that we use to make our mints and gum now cost much more than they did a year ago.

You’ve no doubt seen on the news that after last year’s EU referendum, there have been huge changes in the Pound to Euro exchange rate. In this time, the Pound has lost nearly 20% of its value.

Why is this impacting Peppersmith? Well as you may know, our office is based here in the UK, but we make all our products in Finland, the home of our favourite ingredient, xylitol. We buy the ingredients and packaging to make our mints and gum in Euros, so this means that the change in the value of the Pound has hit us very hard.

Why are we making this change now?

For over a year, we’ve absorbed the higher costs and crossed our fingers that things will improve, so that we could keep prices as they are. Unfortunately, things have got worse over recent months, which means we’ve now reached the point where we need to make some increases.

Some better news

We understand that increasing how much things cost is never ideal, so we want to do our best to make this as pain-free as possible.

So, from today we are increasing the discount available on subscription, from 10% off regular pricing to 15% off. This means that subscription pricing will remain roughly the same as it was before we made any pricing changes.

You can find out more and set one up here.

If you have an existing subscription, there will be no change to what you pay on your current subscription.

Want to get in touch with us about this?

We’re all ears. If you want to give us feedback or ask any questions, you can give us a call on 0208 788 2080 or email hello@peppersmith.co.uk.

Thanks in advance for your understanding, and your continued support of the Peppersmith journey.
Mike, Lizzie, Greg, Sasha and Alice
The Peppersmith team

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