World health day: the goodness of Peppersmith

You probably know that Peppersmith mints and gum taste great and keep your mouth feeling fresh, but they are also really good for you too. So, since today is World Health Day, we’ve decided to get into the nitty-gritty of how and why Peppersmith is so good for your health.

Peppersmith mints and gum are totally and utterly sugar-free

Many of us are always looking for ways to cut down our sugar intake, be it for the benefit of our oral health or just our health in general. Not only is added cane sugar very high in calories, but it also contains no essential nutrients that our bodies can absorb. Additionally, it feeds the bacteria in our mouths which makes them multiply, leading to tooth cavities and other dental health problems. Well luckily for you guys Peppersmith contains absolutely no sugar at all, and instead is sweetened with the naturally derived ingredient xylitol, which is sourced from trees and plants. Plus, xylitol is low GI too. Hooray.

Our mints and gum can kill up to 90% off the bacteria in your mouth  

The xylitol we use to sweeten our mints and gum actually has the opposite affect of sugar. As opposed to feeding the bacteria in our mouths, the xylitol clears it away helping to prevent acid attacks which can lead to cavities and tooth decay. It’s especially handy to have after you’ve eaten when you’re most at risk of an acid attack.

They also help to reduce plaque 

Oh yes, it gets better. The xylitol in our mints and gum not only reduces the likelihood of bacteria (and therefore plaque) in the first place, but it also reduces plaque’s ability to stick to teeth. This means that if you do get occasional plaque build up, it is much easier to remove. Double whammy.

Want to understand more about how xylitol works its magic? Watch our video.

One more thing…

Because we like our mints and gum to be made up of as many natural ingredients as possible, they contain absolutely no aspartame (that horrid artificial sweetener you find in lots of fizzy drinks and other chewing gums). We also make sure that no other artificial colours, flavours or preservatives find their way into our products, so you can always enjoy mints and gum without the nasties.

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