As you may have guessed, we're absolutely head over heels about mint. But not just any mint.

Peppersmith searched high and low to source the best kind of mint in all of the land to make sure the packs of Peppersmith we all know and love are the most mintylicious, tasty treats.

So, as you can imagine, it was a magical moment when founders Dan and Mike discovered the most beautiful little farm down in Hampshire known for its expertise in growing Black Mitcham Peppermint, run by Farmer Jo and Master of Mint, Ian.

Love at first sight? Well, it was most definitely mint to be… and we’ve not looked back since.


Jo and Ian know a thing or two about farming – especially farming mint. They take pride and have years of experience growing and harvesting the finest of mint - both Mentha Piperita (Peppermint) and Mentha Spicata (Spearmint) - as well as other delicious herbs, sustainable crops and wildflowers on the farm.

Farmer Jo, holding a sprig of Peppermint


Here’s Farmer Jo showing us what to look for in a delicious fresh sprig of Black Mitcham Peppermint, which they have been growing on the farm for over 25 years.

Mint fields are only harvested once a year, usually in August, which means there is a lot of focus and care that goes into growing the best mint - not just around the harvest time in the mint fields themselves - but throughout the year and in all of the fields and hedgerows across the whole farm.
Ian holding Peppersmith mints and Peppermint Oil


Once the mint leaves make it off the fields, they go through a rigorous distillation process to extract the delicious oils from the leaves. This oil has to then be stored in barrels for two years before being ready for us to use in our mints and gum.

Here’s Ian, the Master of Mint himself showing us around the distillation process: from peppermint leaves to peppermint oil and then on to Peppersmith mints… It’s a meticulous, quite magnificent process.


A field of wildflowers


Wildflower growth is just as important as the mint fields themselves. Growing fields of beautiful flowers helps to ensure the environment, wildlife and ecosystem is a happy and healthy place for all on the farm.

This field now full of wild flowers, used to grow Black Mitcham Peppermint - and was the very field the first mint Peppersmith ever used was grown!

We’re still just as proud today about working with Jo, Ian and the rest of the team, as we were when we first started out. We’re also proud to support British farming and include the finest Peppermint and Spearmint oils in our mints and gum. It’s a unique selling point for us - using thoughtfully sourced, 100% natural flavours – and sets us apart from other brands in the category that continue to use synthetic flavours.


So, are Peppersmith the tastiest, premium mints and gum you can get? We definitely think so.


Throwback to Team Peppersmith’s last visit…

The Peppersmith team visiting our suppliers mint farm
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